Dhow Cruise Marina

2 Hours

Experience the allure of Dubai from a different perspective with Dubai Desert Safari Thrill’s captivating Dhow Cruise adventures. Beyond the captivating skyscrapers and opulent shopping destinations, immerse yourself in the enchantment of old Dubai Creek or indulge in the modern charm of Dhow Dinner Cruise at Dubai Marina.

For nature and adventure enthusiasts, our Musandam Dibba Dhow Cruise in Dubai promises an unforgettable journey, surprising you at every nautical mile.

Our Dhow Cruises offer an unparalleled “abode on water” experience, where every minute detail is meticulously attended to with our bespoke and sophisticated services. Make your special occasions or romantic getaways memorable with our Dhow Cruise Dubai at night. Delight in a dinner cruise featuring vibrant belly dancing or the traditional Tanoura dance for a truly enchanting experience.

Concerned about the Dhow Cruise Dubai price? Rest assured, at Dubai Desert Safari Thrill, we cater to individual and group needs without burdening your wallet, all while maintaining exceptional service quality. Indulge in a range of sumptuous offerings served at an attractive Dhow Cruise with Dinner price.

Embark on the most thrilling and captivating Dhow Cruise experiences in Dubai with us. We assure you an unforgettable journey that will beckon you to return for more.

Explore our Dhow Cruise experiences now at Dubai Desert Safari Thrill!

Inclusion & Exclusion:

Cost Inclusion

  • 🚗 Pick and Drop: Transportation
  • 🚢 2-Hour Cruise: Dubai Marina
  • 🍹 Welcome Drinks: Arabic Coffee
  • 🥤 Unlimited Drinks: Water & Soft
  • 🍽️ Buffet Dinner: Continental & Arabic
  • 🌆 Upper Deck: Open-Air Seating
  • ❄️ Lower Deck: Air-Conditioned
  • 🎵 Music: English, Arabic, Indian
  • 💃 Tanura Dance: Live Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the best Dhow Cruises in Dubai?

Dubai offers two primary dhow cruise experiences: Dhow Cruise Creek and Dhow Cruise Marina. The Dhow Cruise Marina enjoys the highest popularity due to its reputation as the city’s most modern and vibrant area. Tour providers extensively promote this cruise, highlighting its allure. Conversely, the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise provides a glimpse into the city’s historical roots, showcasing its older aspects.

Ultimately, your choice of cruise can be tailored to your preferences and desired sights, whether you prefer the contemporary atmosphere of Marina or the historical charm of Dubai Creek.

2 What are the activities in dhow cruise Dubai?

The dhow cruise is crafted to offer guests an unforgettable experience. Upon boarding the dhow, guests receive a warm welcome accompanied by soulful music and delightful welcome drinks. As the dhow embarks on its voyage, guests are indulged with a delectable buffet dinner featuring a blend of local and international delicacies. Live entertainment, such as the captivating Tanoura dance, adds to the enchantment of the evening. Additionally, guests have the freedom to visit the upper deck and relish the scenic views of the surroundings.

3How to Reach Dhow Cruise Dubai?

When booking your experience at Dubai Desert Safari Thrill (https://dubaidesertsafarithrill.com/), you have the flexibility to opt for transportation services. Our website offers convenient pickup and drop-off options for guests who require them. Alternatively, guests can make their way to the departure point using their own vehicle or by utilizing public transportation.

4 What Should I Wear on Dhow Cruise Dubai?

Formal attire or smart casuals are suitable dress codes for the dhow cruise. Men and women are advised against wearing shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless dresses. Additionally, slippers and flip-flops are not permitted.


5 What is the difference between Dhow Cruise Creek and Marina Dhow Cruise?

The distinction between a dhow cruise at Creek and Marina lies solely in the location and the scenery on offer. Nevertheless, the overall dhow cruise experience remains consistent across both venues.

6 What is Included in Dhow Cruise Dinner Menu?

The dhow cruise dinner menu comprises a three-course meal, featuring starters, main courses, and desserts. Starters encompass soups, salads, dips with dressings, and kebabs. The main course offers a blend of local and international dishes. The dessert menu presents various enticing options to choose from.

7 How to Book Dhow Cruise Dubai?

Selecting online booking is the best way to secure your dhow cruise in Dubai. To book through https://dubaidesertsafarithrill.com/, visit the website and inquire about your preferred package. After your inquiry, anticipate receiving a response via email or SMS, allowing you to finalize your ticket reservation and complete the payment process. One of the perks of online booking is the opportunity to access discounts and exclusive deals.

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Dhow Cruise Marina